Cotton On.

Hi this is challenge 4 of the student blogging challenge and I will write a story beginning and if you can please comment the rest of the story would be great to see how other people come up with endings.

Here I am in the Cotton On store, my name is Drew and I am here for my mum to get her some clothes because she is soo sick. Anyway I am BUSTING!! I have been wondering for ages trying to find a toilet and on top of that I forgot the list for mum. I am running through the store  now and all of a sudden……….    !!!CRASH!!!  I have fallen over a clothes stand and knocked over an old lady.

” oh I am soooo sorry how can I help you?”  By now the store manager is storming over to me.

” excuse me sir did you knock this old lady over and this stand?” Was that supposed to be a trick question obviously I did.

” yes but you see I am busting…” she didnt let me finish.

“no buts clean it up.” By now I know it is best not to argue so I do as she says.

“thats the trouble with kids these days they dont respect these elders” said the old lady. ………………………………………….

Please continue it for me.

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Gabi xxx

2 thoughts on “Cotton On.

  1. Hi Gabbi,
    I like the start of your story – although it does remind me of another story that I have read…!
    Where did you get your idea for the story from?

    Miss C

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