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hey this why you should vote for my blog on the edublog awards.

1. I have done every single blogging challenge.

2. I have added colour to my blog and made it interesting.

3. I have done a post at least one a week so far.

4. and just because I am awesome lol!

Here are some steps to vote for me:

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2. the if you cant see the red vote button scroll down to you can see it then where it says category click on that and choose best student blog.

3. then another choice will come up and click on that then choose Gabby’s blog. ( I dont spell my name like that thogh thats how they spelt it )

4. then click VOTE!

5. you can only vote once on each computer each day……….. so please vote for me every day!!!

Gabi xx

My favourite songs.


these are all my favourite songs and if you could comment any of your favourite songs as well. I ahve linked them to their names

1. Without you– David Guetta

2.Who’s lauguing now– Jessie J

3. Sexy and I know it– LMFAO

4.Champange showers– LMFAO

5.Set fire to the rain– Adele 

6. Move like jagger– Moroon 5

7.feel so close– Calvin Harris

8. someone like you– Adele

9.not your birthday– Allstar Weekend

10. cheer (drink to that ) – Rihanna

SSo those are the songs that I like if you like others please comment them to me.



Hey this is challenge 9 of the student blogging challenge.

Meg- Meg  is my favourite friend ever adn we are called the Murgartroyds when we are together and we are going to make our own garden at her dads.

Wrecks- Wrecks is my favourite animal but I did aslo have another dog called Billy but he died because he had cancer. But Wrecks will curl up in your lap even though he is a big dog but he is like a big teddy bear.

Chocolate- I AM A CHOCOHOLIC!!!!!!! I love chocolate when i start I dont stop eating it.


Gabi xxx

My leavers Dress.

At the end of each year the grade 6’s have a leavers dinner.

Every year it is at the Aurora Stadium but on a different date.

We all get dressed up and have dinner at together with some of the teachers and the girls mainly wear dresses and the boys ususally wear jeans and a shirt.

I have chosen a nice  dress from a wabsite called ally fashion. ( it is linked )

I have included a picture of my dress I hope it looks nice. And if you are about 12 and are thinking of getting a dress of ally fashion get a size 6 or 8 or if they have the option small get a small.


My Family

This is a post about my family,

Mum- my mum is cool. She is very protective like she wont let me go any where without her or another parents supervision. She enjoys reading and the colours red and green.

Dad- Dad is cool if you ask mum something and she says no then you ask dad and he says yes. My dad enjoys cars motorbikes and the colour black.

Levi-  Levi is my brother he is very annoying sometimes. He like Lego, Ben 10, Bionicles, Hero factory and remote controll cars and the colour red.

Maddi- She is my very annoying sister she will go out of her way to annoy me. she likes the ukulele and art and her favourite colour is lime green.

Me- Last but not least me. I  guess my siblings may think I am annoying. I like cooking, gymnastics and the colour ice blue.

So thats my family and how we are all different.

Gabi xxx


Hey this is a post about halloween.


I love Halloween even though my family doesn’t celebrate it I love Halloween.

There is a street in Launceston where you can trick or treet but if they dont have a balloon ouside their house you cant knock on their door and ask for lollies.

Here are a few Halloween pictures.


Black Cat Pumpkin by cobalt123, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License  by  cobalt123 

Cotton On.

Hi this is challenge 4 of the student blogging challenge and I will write a story beginning and if you can please comment the rest of the story would be great to see how other people come up with endings.

Here I am in the Cotton On store, my name is Drew and I am here for my mum to get her some clothes because she is soo sick. Anyway I am BUSTING!! I have been wondering for ages trying to find a toilet and on top of that I forgot the list for mum. I am running through the store  now and all of a sudden……….    !!!CRASH!!!  I have fallen over a clothes stand and knocked over an old lady.

” oh I am soooo sorry how can I help you?”  By now the store manager is storming over to me.

” excuse me sir did you knock this old lady over and this stand?” Was that supposed to be a trick question obviously I did.

” yes but you see I am busting…” she didnt let me finish.

“no buts clean it up.” By now I know it is best not to argue so I do as she says.

“thats the trouble with kids these days they dont respect these elders” said the old lady. ………………………………………….

Please continue it for me.

 (follow this link to the student blogging challenge, challenge 4 > )   Challenge 4

Gabi xxx

My avatar

Hey this is how my avatar is like me,

My avatar has a funny personality like me and loves to cook like me!!

My avatar looks nothing like me but I think it looks cool, I dont have red hair I have brown hair.

This is my avatar picture: